Proposed reputation of the Proto-Druid community to your destruction of this Druid community

This compiles earlier material with recently researched product provide an easy breakdown of the Druid culture as I comprehend it.

Hereditary studies have granted some tantalizing clues concerning humanities beginnings. I will connect the foundation here: its a research paper. Global Log of Public Science StudiesVol. 6, number 1; ISSN 2324-8033 E-ISSN 2324-8041Published by Redfame Publishing

Additional resources integrate a€?The Sarmatians 600 BC- offer 450a€? by R. I additionally depend highly on a€?The pony, The controls and Languagea€? by David w. Anthony who encourages the Pontic Steppe once the beginning of Proto-Indo-European code.

What follows is just my lightweight make an effort to sound right of all information i’ve waded through recently. Including what things to myself looks self evident, the deterioration from the ancient advanced level cultures which built the old pyramids alongside remarkable designs that we see to own started built with sophisticated technologies which we can not actually duplicate now.

Whatever the case it would appear that about 68,000 in years past a cosmic occasion took place in which a meteor struck the midst of the Pacific sea triggering tidal waves a number of kilometers high. Two centers of real person Haplogroups lasted. Additional middle of human beings survivors was in the Balkans where Haplogroups BT and CT have been found. Including the females with mtDNA of Haplogroup U. It’s not even come determined if there were human beings survivors when you look at the Caucasus hills or perhaps in Tibet.

Understanding of great interest is that the Balkans add old Greece as well as the surrounding segments because very early facilities of real person culture as provided by Haplogroups. This consists of the Aegean basin.

There was clearly a middle in middle east Africa of Haplogroups A00,A0,A1B1 and B

Around 65,200 years ago Haplogroup D moved to Tibet and Japan while Haplogroup E moved to northern Africa and south-eastern Africa to participate those survivors. Haplogroup D and age naturally changed from Haplogroup CT that has been in the Balkans and main Asia. Once more when we check out the facts in the Anunnaki as real, Haplogroup elizabeth was maybe the team your Enlil party begun to have and incarnate into. They enslaved the elderly African Haplogroups.

Whenever we give consideration to that Voodoo have their roots in main and american Africa the spot where the communities were easily a€?possesseda€? we’ve got additional fascinating clues as to the advancement of human beings society and Anunnaki dominion. The joining of Haplogroup age making use of elderly Haplogroups in Africa might currently when the Anunnaki directed by Enlil begun to a€?possess human being bodiesa€? and begun to incarnate into all of them the very first time. This were held in eastern and central Africa.

This puts the Anunnaki team led by Enki is those individuals during the Balkans that were are naturally interfered with.

Nevertheless more genetic breakthroughs for the Balkans led to Haplogroup F where the vast majority of earth’s latest communities emerged. It seems that Haplogroup F inside Balkans and Aegean basin are the original ancestors of contemporary Europeans! This happened 65, 900 years ago.

Brzezinski and M Mielczarek and numerous on-line content

Haplogroup C appears to have spreading worldwide to feature the Americas, the Mongols and Australian Aborigins. Therefore spread it seems these people were the Haplogroup likely to possess come used by Enki’s group or Enlil’s group of Anunnaki to grab possession of and also to incarnate into. They had approaches available to them to happen to be all countries.

So you already have the Anunnaki souls in Haplogroup E real person systems in Africa gradually building a sophisticated society at Atlantis with what is the western Sahara’s Eye of Africa with a colony in Egypt that developed the truly amazing pyramids; and Annunaki souls in Haplogroup C human being body which have spread over all of those other globe creating a Providence escort service different sort of higher level society which was supportive in the remainder of mankind. Or at least they created big civilizations various other parts of the world. Therefore Haplogroups C, D and E appear to have been the descendants of the a€?sky peoplea€?. It’s really worth observing that the entire north Africa area had been a lush exotic paradise and never the bare Sahara wasteland nowadays!